Hurricane 2020: Know which items qualify for the disaster preparedness sales tax holiday

The 2020 disaster preparedness sales tax holiday, which runs from May 29 to June 4, was created as an incentive for Florida residents to be fully equipped with emergency supplies as hurricane season begins.  

During the sales tax holiday period, certain qualifying items related to disaster preparedness are exempt from sales tax. To help Floridians know what does and doesn’t qualify, Team TypTap created a fun video that gives examples of the types of items that are tax-free during this holiday: 

Here are some of the qualifying items: 

-$10 and under: reusable ice packs 

-$20 and under: portable self-powered lights (such as candles, flashlights, lanterns)  

-$25 and under: gas or diesel fuel containers (including LP gas and kerosene containers) 

-$30 and under: batteries (AAA, AA, 9 volt), coolers and ice chests 

-$50 and under: bungee cords, tarps, flexible sheeting and radios 

-$750 and under: portable generators 

With hurricane season starting June 1, it’s important for Florida residents to stock up on preparedness items before the first storm hits. For more information, visit: