Navigating Continuing Education for Success

Ongoing professional development is crucial for insurance agents to remain competitive and deliver top-notch service. First, it is essential to clearly understand the continuing education requirements needed to renew your license. To ensure success, allow ample time, set goals, and select your best study method.   


 Establishing Educational Goals   


  • Identify coursework needed to satisfy the specific credit requirements based on the type of license held   
  • Determine if credits can carry over to the next renewal cycle  
  • Schedule realistic time blocks to complete the coursework    

Utilizing a Variety of Learning Tools   


•        Embrace in-person learning with workshops and seminars  

•        Online courses offer more flexibility and allow access to instructors not available locally   

•        Engage in professional associations for networking opportunities and regional information    

 Making the Most of Training Programs   


•        Be inquisitive when refreshing your professional skills    

•        Level up with a specialized course in a niche product   

•        Innovate with a new approach to a familiar topic    

Continuing education is a vital component of any insurance professional’s journey. Regularly check guidelines to ensure compliance with the most up-to-date information. Keep your mailing and email address current to receive notices. Let curiosity guide you and see how a little skill refresh can open doors to new possibilities.