Leader Board New Mexico

The Quote is Right Leader Board

5 quotes = 1 entry

Agency Name# Entries
**Week 1 Highest Quoter
**Week 2 Highest Quoter
**Week 3 Highest Quoter
**Week 5 Highest Quoter
**Week 6 Highest Quoter
**Week 7 Highest Quoter
Cyber Agent Insurance Express Inc
**Week 4 Highest Quoter
El Valle Insurance Agency Inc1
**Week 4 Highest Quoter

Sweepstake Rules:

  • The Quote is Right Sweepstakes begins at exactly 12:01 am on Sunday, 4/3/22, and ends at exactly 11:59 pm on Saturday, 5/28/22. Quotes must be completed within this timeframe to qualify.
  • A qualified quote means a quote that has registered in the TypTap system on policies for properties located in CT, GA, MA, NJ, NM, NV, RI, & SC only.
  • Quotes on any addresses not in our system (Address not Found) do not qualify.
  • Your agency will receive one (1) entry for every five (5) quotes.
  • Your agency will receive one extra bonus entry if you submit 25 quotes within a 1-week period. These bonus entries will be added for every “25 quotes”. (50 quotes, 75 quotes, 100 quotes, etc.)
  • Multiple quotes for the same address will only count as ONE quote.
  • One winner will be selected by a random draw each week for each state – WEEKLY PRIZE: $25 Gift Card
  • One grand prize winner will be selected by random draw from all entries (all states) on June 3rd, 2022 via live webinar.
  • GRAND PRIZE is a $1,000 gift card!
  • All winners will be selected through a random number generator.
  • You must opt in to participate by clicking the “Opt-In” button on the email.
  • The deadline to opt-in is 11:59 pm Friday, 4/8/22.
  • By opting in you agree to all sweepstakes rules and allow TypTap to post results in the weekly email, including your agency name.
  • TypTap is not responsible for lost, stolen, or defective gift cards.
  • All prizes will be awarded via email or direct mail to the address listed for the agency on the quote.
  • The receipt of monies through this program is considered taxable income for US Federal Income Tax purposes. If the total value of gift cards received reaches $600, a Federal Form 1099-MISC will be issued to the recipient.
  • Entries are subject to verification and ultimately at the discretion of TypTap Insurance Company.
  • A qualifying week is defined as Sunday to Saturday.

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