A Fresh Approach to the Boardroom

HCI Group, TypTap’s parent company, has created a national model program for training untapped talented leaders on how to succeed on corporate boards. The HCI Board Observer program is designed to create a pool of talented individuals who are ready for corporate board seats, in turn bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the boardroom.

HCI’s Board Observer program is different than others around the country: While some companies use board observers to help provide input and expertise in specific areas, HCI’s program specifically is meant to help diversify boards, both for HCI and other companies.

Two new board observers are chosen each year for a one-year term. They participate in meetings, are asked their opinions, and get an idea of what a board seat entails. HCI is choosing people who aren’t already on corporate boards and may not hit the radar of traditional headhunters.

Our HCI President and Chairman Paresh Patel says this program has been a ‘rip-roaring success. “We are trying to change the world two people at a time.”  

At TypTap, we model ourselves after HCI in how we strive to cultivate an inclusive workplace where all contributions and voices are valued. We serve a broad community of agents and policyholders, and to serve them best, it is imperative that we understand and recognize how they live, what they value, and what they are striving for.  That’s the TypTap way!

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