Importance of an Agent

by Kevin A. Mitchell

With the widespread adoption of technology, it’s reasonable to question the role of an independent insurance agent – until you’re facing a crisis and need that human interaction. Insurance is more than policy numbers and premiums. You’re protecting your most valuable assets, and the humanity of an agent is essential.  

Insurance agents are the human element that delivers the peace of mind insurance is intended to offer. Your agent is there to guide you through the entire process from quote to bind. From identifying the best carrier to insure your home to weighing in on complex coverage decisions, an independent agent eases concerns and provides security. Agents build trust – their credibility gives you the comfort of knowing your life is covered.  

Insurance is nuanced and highly personal and requires extensive knowledge and experience. Agents are equipped with an understanding of the industry. Instead of spending time on your own research, you can trust your agent to provide an extra layer of vetting. They’re experts in coverage elements, claims experience, and financial stability so you don’t have to navigate the complexities alone. Personal connection differentiates the agent experience – especially when paired with technology platforms. Today, insurance groups are utilizing technology that enables agents to spend more time with their clients, while simultaneously growing their business. Building meaningful and enduring relationships with clients remains the focus without compromising quality coverage.  

You may seek out an agent for their expertise, but it’s their personalized approach that’ll win your business. The agent model’s personalization is unmatched. Centered around genuine advice, the agent model enhances the value of your insurance by determining adequate coverage for your lifestyle, deciding on deductibles, and fielding questions.  The benefit of an agent extends beyond sorting through coverage options. If the unthinkable occurs, your agent serves as your advocate – the human contact dedicated to getting your life back on track.