The Age of the Specialist

Gone are the days of the generalist; now is the time to be a singular expert, do one thing – and do it well.

One Friday afternoon, early in my career, my mentor posed a question that altered my perspective and ultimately led me to TypTap Insurance. “Is this a job or a career?” he asked. Bright-eyed and eager but mindful of the weight my answer held, I returned on Monday morning with my decision made. Insurance was my career, and it was time to start treating it that way.

This was not a light-hearted commitment. To be successful, I needed to be an expert. Long hours filled with relevant research, consistent networking, and asking tough questions solidified my understanding of the industry and offered insight into my offering’s impact on the future. Years later, I can reminisce about those difficult times and consider them growing pains in my specialization. Long-term success will always be sought after, but scaling real results starts with your foundation.

Prioritize depth over breadth. We have instant access to expansive scopes of information, but those who refine that knowledge can better position themselves as indispensable assets. At TypTap, we sell four corners and a promise. Without a physical product to promote and build confidence in, our credibility derives from our expertise. We’re in the business of providing peace of mind, and that starts with trust in human connection. When the unthinkable happens, you want a human to guide you through the process of resetting your life. Humanity anchors the TypTap business model is insurance first and technology second. Our in-source model is a distinctive feature in specialization. Policyholders are encouraged to communicate issues with our customer service team every day of the week at all hours. Everyone, myself included, has experienced an obstacle that requires the management of expectations from a human expert. Whether it’s a car accident, a break-in, or a natural disaster, the right expertise and a human touch reveal solutions to life’s most challenging moments.

I recently read Peter Thiel’s, Zero to One and was pleasantly surprised by the alignment to TypTap’s mission. TypTap was founded as an industry innovator, creating better engagement between agents and policyholders and producing an underwriting result that consistently outperforms peers. The premise suggests identifying an industry perceived as broken and discovering its revitalization. TypTap has done precisely that. We’re reinventing legacy insurance models with our technology-enabled underwriting platform and commitment agent partnerships. Our InsurTech is innovating, not disrupting. Building the foundational premise of a specialty business, no matter how small, starts with understanding the fundamental operations. It needs to work from the core to be sustainable and independent. TypTap’s dedication to people as the core of insurance is the foundation of our expertise. Long-term success is scaled in the little things – every agent, claim, and policyholder interaction included.