Paint Your Heart Out Tampa 2022

As Florida begins to heat up for summer, so has our passion at TypTap, as we seek out new ways to lend a hand to the Tampa Bay community that we call home. This year, Team TypTap had the pleasure of participating in Paint Your Heart Out Tampa. This incredible organization assists low-income and senior residents in painting and restoring their homes. Over the years, Paint Your Heart Out Tampa has achieved great strides by beautifying over 3,000 Tampa Bay homes solely through volunteers and donations.

Our team had the honor of contributing to this progress by helping 74-year-old Gloria Sterrex, an upstanding citizen in the local area. Gloria spends her free time giving back to the community by helping her son with disabilities and providing transportation to doctor’s appointments for others in need. Her friends also attest that Gloria is always willing to be a shoulder to lean on and is a great listener, ready to help any neighbors in need. Thus, our team was thrilled to return the favor and enjoyed spending time with Gloria as we repainted and refreshed her home.

At TypTap, we are committed to working together to uplift our community and one another. We value teamwork, resiliency, and awareness and seek out opportunities that allow us to connect with the community and give back to our home in Tampa Bay. We are incredibly grateful for the chance to assist such an impactful program and look forward to helping more hardworking homeowners like Gloria. A special thanks to our volunteer team; we can’t wait to see what you do next!