TypTap Collaboration Days

One of the key components of TypTap’s culture is how much we value the importance of interpersonal connections. Our unique remote environment can bring challenges to building these critical relationships. To bridge this gap and provide our team members with the best possible experience and environment possible, TypTap has created quarterly Collaboration Days for each department.

Collaboration Days allow current and newly hired team members to get to know one another better outside the little boxes on a Zoom meeting.  At these quarterly events, our team members participate in training sessions, attend guest speaker sessions, off-site team meals, and after-hour events.

Over the past few weeks, our teams in Tampa and Ocala held their Collaboration Days for this quarter and participated in activities such as giant Jenga, bowling, and Top Golf.  Members of our Leadership Team led discussions on how to raise the bar and provide the best possible customer and team member experiences. These activities provided a comfortable space for open conversation and encouraged teamwork to bond better as a unit. TypTap’s Collaboration Days remain one of our favorite events because they reinforce what we value as a company.  These quarterly check-ins and dedicated collaboration time with face-to-face conversations are how we continue building strong work relationships and get better at working as a team, even in a remote world.  A special thank you to everyone on Team TypTap for their hard work and the kindness and support you show to one another; you inspire us daily!