How Digital Transformation Has Impacted Insurance

Our editorial team recently sat down with Paresh Patel, Chairman & CEO of both HCI Group and TypTap, for his thoughts on how digital transformation has impacted insurance. 

Patel’s considerable experience in technology and finance brings unique analytical and technical skills essential to the operational success of both HCI Group and TypTap. With extensive software development and entrepreneurship background, Patel leverages his knowledge and experience to simplify the industry’s digital evolution for agents and policyholders with accessible and easy-to-use technology. As the future of insurance continues to unfold, Patel’s in-depth understanding of the insurance business is key in determining future growth opportunities and preparing for long-term success. 

What role does technology play in the future of insurance? 

Digital transformation has had profound effects on our society. Smartphones have forever changed how we interact with the world, and video conferences have increased efficiency in how we work. Technology has become essential for success, driven by its enhanced efficiency, agility, and accuracy of operations. That same truth exists in insurance. Technology has been a great disruptor within the insurance industry. Technological innovation transformed the insurance value chain with streamlined processes that will continue driving industry change for years to come.  

How did TypTap approach digital transformation?  

At TypTap, we recognized this digital transformation early. Instead of implementing rigid systems or purchasing an off-the-shelf product, we took an innovation-first approach by building a vertically integrated technology solution – setting the industry standard. We realized redefining legacy enterprise with digital solutions requires an investment in emerging technologies and an agile operational approach for sustainable results. Founded in 2012, Exzeo, TypTap’s in-house technology subsidiary, positioned our tech investment with enduring advantages that benefit both agents and policyholders.  

How does Exzeo stand out? 

Everyone has data, but you must have quality data and an intelligent solution for how to leverage that data. Exzeo utilizes powerful algorithms enabled by artificial intelligence to identify policies that limit risk and increase profitability. Exzeo is powered by proprietary technology and specific data to ensure our platform’s long-term efficiency and effectiveness in a modernized insurance landscape. This allows us to adapt and scale our functions according to current demands. 

How are you able to update Exzeo to keep up with market demands, support agents, and your  


We’ve developed a fully integrated technology backend that enables flexible solutions to the ever-changing industry ecosystem. Our full-suite platform allows for a steady flow of updated features and functionalities that not only improves the insurance buying process but also ensures our systems maintain relevancy and scalability.  

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