Agent Spotlight: Billy Wagner, Brightway Insurance Ponte Vedra

For one TypTap agent, giving back is a cornerstone element of his business model that’s proving to be a key ingredient for success.

Billy Wagner is a thriving insurance professional, agency owner, best-selling author, speaker, and family man. In 2006, he opened a Brightway Insurance franchise and has been recognized five times by Brightway for the esteemed Agency of the Year award. In his agency’s 16+ years, Wagner has led his team to over $75M in new production, and in 2022 alone successfully completed over 5,600 policies. While the numbers and accolades are impressive, Wagner has found success is a result of his team approach and giving back.

Wagner’s true passion lies in supporting his community and teaching others how to succeed. He has impacted thousands as a speaker, consultant, and author of several books on how to build an effective team. He donates a portion of the proceeds towards philanthropic initiatives and runs the Wagner Family Foundation. In total, he has helped raise more than $250,000 for local nonprofits and is committed to raising over $1,000,000 for nonprofits.  

TypTap sat down with Wagner to learn more about his approach to supporting local nonprofits, the impact it has made on his agency and advice for other businesses looking to get started.

How does an agency get started in giving back?

Before anything, consider what you’re passionate about and are motivated to support on a regular basis.

Offering up your time as a volunteer is always a great first option. Before I had the capital to donate, I volunteered with Big Brother and Big Sister for ten years. While some individuals and businesses may not be able to monetarily support a nonprofit, giving time is still a noble way to get involved.

Also, consider that most nonprofit organizations face challenges garnering engagement from their local communities. Along with your time, consider what skillsets you could bring to help boost their engagement and outreach efforts. Perhaps you have experience with marketing and could establish a monthly newsletter or harness the power of your network to drive greater visibility.

In addition to volunteering, an agency could utilize their skills to organize unique fundraising ideas. Through Rotary we have done things as simple as hosting a push-up contest to raise money. By thinking outside the box, you can host activities that help to raise money and unify people for a cause that matters.

How do you involve your team in supporting nonprofits?

Team is everything.

In establishing a successful business, it became clear that one of the best business decisions is always the people. Not only do we employ a multi-step hiring process, but it’s also a priority to find individuals committed to giving back. In life, people want personal and professional growth, and I’m focused on supporting that growth while making an impact in our local community.

When establishing how to empower nonprofits, the entire agency team is fully involved from start to finish in our philanthropic initiatives.  

What is your focus in supporting nonprofits moving forward?

Our agency has a goal of raising one million dollars for nonprofit organizations, and we’re continuing to take actionable steps to reach that goal.

Beyond financial contributions, I’m also passionate about helping teach others to run a successful organization. Through the Wagner Family Foundation, we share our knowledge on budgets, marketing, and momentum building. For example, we supported Mission House Inc, a group supporting individuals affected by homelessness by doing a makeover of the Organization to include funding for strategic planning, exterior renovations, and a videographer to help share their story.

In closing, TypTap applauds the commitment that Billy Wagner and his team has made through giving back.  Let’s keep the conversation going by sharing your success stories with us at