Tampa Bay Cleanup 2023

TypTap recently concluded a volunteer initiative at Purity Springs Park in Tampa, Florida. Purity Springs Park spans 1.15 acres along the Hillsborough River and features a modest natural spring pool, measuring approximately 3 feet in depth and 7 to 8 yards in width. Despite its compact size, the spring’s waters boast remarkable clarity and exhibit an enticing aquamarine hue.

A group of thirty-five dedicated TypTap volunteers diligently gathered debris and waste, successfully filling twenty trash bags with refuse. It is worth noting that a staggering 80% of litter and debris find their way into our waterways via storm drains. We remain committed to providing volunteer assistance to our local parks and beaches as part of our ongoing partnership with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful – an organization dedicated to addressing the escalating issue of shoreline pollution. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who contributed to making this event a success.

“I find joy and fulfillment in volunteering my time to Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful! It’s beautiful when we can get together to foster community pride!” – Amale Cato / TypTap Client Service Supervisor

“Volunteering for Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Cleanup is one of my favorite TypTap events. Together as a team, we positively impacted a local park, making it a cleaner and greener place for everyone to enjoy!” – Resha Schlierer / TypTap Business Analyst & Special Project Manager