Setting Professional New Year’s Resolutions

Crafting a New Year’s resolution is not limited to your health or personal relationships; it can also be a powerful tool for professional growth. The new calendar year allows one to renew existing commitments, cultivate a new habit, or stretch for a goal. As Simon Sinek aptly says, “The goal is not to be perfect by the end. The goal is to be better tomorrow.” Change may feel uncomfortable, but setting realistic and measurable goals is crucial. Let’s further examine these 3 resolutions:

Renew an Existing Commitment:

  • Reflect on your strengths and consider sharing your expertise with a mentee, fostering professional growth.
  • Evaluate if learning a new skill would enhance your current job performance.

Develop a New Habit:

  • Assess a task you’ve been doing for years; could it benefit from a refresh or small change?
  • Leverage technology to automate routine tasks, freeing time for more impactful aspects of your job.
  • Sharpen time management skills for increased efficiency.
  • Send at least one thank you note per month.

Stretch for a New Goal:

  • Implement new writing skills and commit to posting original content on social media once a week. Schedule these writing sessions just as you would meetings with clients.
  • Read one career-related book a quarter. Select books that offer a new perspective.
  • Join a professional organization.

Much like work projects, your resolution requires attention and dedication. Assess your working style. Do you thrive under pressure or prefer a well-organized plan with checkpoints along the way? Don’t hesitate to share your New Year’s resolutions with Team TypTap by emailing us at