Virtual First Impressions: A Guide to Capturing the Perfect Headshot

These days, a quick online search allows clients to make a first impression of you and your business before picking up the phone or sending an email. Do your current online photos effectively build the image of a professional? Not all photographs are equal; a dated or casual snapshot may not convey a professional tone. Have you considered preparing for a headshot to achieve success?  “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation, there is sure to be failure,” according to the wise words of Confucius. 

Before the photoshoot:

Analyze: Examine previous photos to pinpoint preferences and dislikes; share both with the photographer.

  • Is there a particular angle that allows you to look better in photographs?
  • Review your natural smile and look for elements such as squinting
  • Do you consistently wear the same colors, patterns, or clothing style in your best photos?


  • Consider details that contribute to a polished appearance, such as:
    • A well-groomed hairstyle
    • Minimalistic jewelry
    • Clean glasses
  • Schedule your photoshoot to allow for a good night’s sleep
  • Consider incorporating elements like listening to a comedian or music to achieve a more natural appearance

Post Photoshoot:

  • Survey friends and family in selecting your top photos, as their opinions will be insightful. We are most often critical of ourselves
  • Significant changes in personal style may require more frequent photoshoots; updating your headshot at least every five years is recommended

Approach your headshot as a tool to establish stronger connections. Investing time, effort, and resources in your business displays professionalism, setting you apart from the competition. Share your updated headshot with us at